‘Architecture can open up possibilities that were possibly not considered at the outset.’

Gerhard Wittfeld | management
adidas LacesHerzogenaurach
Bitzer HeadquartersSindelfingen

‘The requirements of sustainable building can be perceived in our architecture in many ways – in terms of space, energy and construction.’

Nikola Müller-Langguth | Communication
Doc MorrisHeerlen
ICT CubesAachen

‘It is no longer possible to simply place a building somewhere in an undemocratic process. You have to involve the people in the happenings.’

Kilian Kada | management
Kindergarten SighartsteinNeumarkt am Wallersee
Lidl-CampusBad Wimpfen

‘Buildings with hybrid usage concepts in an urban context – I believe this is the challenge and the potential of the cities of the future.’

Philipp Müller | design department
Mercedes PappasSalzburg
Mobility HubStuttgart
Pier - Lakeside LivingBöblingen | Sindelfingen

Architecture should strike a balance between ‘How far do I go as an architect?’ and ‘How much freedom do I give the user?’ – especially from the point of view that users can change…’

André Colling | construction management
The new DFBFrankfurt a. M.
Town hall of the futureMönchengladbach

Of course, these were not all projects!