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Can a mall enrich the city?

Typology façade, retail Location Mönchengladbach Construction volume façade 8.000 m² Client mfi Management für Immobilien AG Realization 2012-2014 Competition 1st prize 2011 Certificate DGNB Platin Awards BDA Linker Niederrhein Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2017


# Façade design for an inner city shopping centre in Mönchengladbach

The horizontally layered structure of the façade reacts to the spatial and topographical features of the surroundings and provides specific spatial responses.

On the site where the theatre previously stood, the new commercial and service centre defines the “new centre” of the city. Its large volume consists of stacked floor levels which meander independently of each other and are wrapped by an undulating façade whose three dimensional form reflects the differentiations in the urban space that surrounds. In gentle curves, bands of vertical blades draw pedestrians to the entrances, create terraces and roofed outdoor spaces and thus address the function of the façade as the interface between building and urban space. The steep topography of the surrounding terrain is integrated into the internal organisation of the shopping centre by allowing three of the four storeys to be accessible from ground level. Inside, the scenographic design creates an individual identity inspired by the cityscape. By means of accentuated ‘highlight façades’ spanning over two levels, individual shops are made legible as separate volumes facing the mall. A variety of voids between levels, squares, seating areas and themed design elements condense to form an urban spatial nexus.

Photo Andreas Horsky
Photo Andreas Horsky
Photo Andreas Horsky
Photo Andreas Horsky

The colour play of the ceramic façade was derived from the typical Lower Rhine field fire clinker tones and achieved by mixing the clays used.

Photo Andreas Horsky

A horizontal joint is created above the façade strips, showing the logos of the shops represented as advertising strips. The advertising thus becomes an unobtrusive, integral part of the façade without appearing to be superimposed.

May 16th, 2014
Minto sample facade!
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Construction video, published by Merinetjeru on 24.03.2015

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The shopping world was realized by kplus konzept Düsseldorf.