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September 25th, 2020


Exhibition in the former department store "Lust For Life" in Aachen

Following on from the accompanying exhibition at the anniversary celebrations in the Ludwig Forum in September 2019, kadawittfeldarchitektur presents retrospectives, outlooks and insights into the office's twenty-year history.
The property in the heart of Aachen, which has been vacant for several years, has not yet been able to implement a utilization concept, even after repeated replanning. In order to counteract the general vacancy, which has not only affected the city center of Aachen, the shop window at the corner of Bädersteig-Komphausbadstraße is currently being used for an exhibition of kadawittfeldarchitecture.
In addition to numerous models of realized and ongoing projects, flags show the working methods and scenes of everyday office life of the Aachen architects.
The location's former changing rooms have been turned into the kadawittfeldarchitektur 'Ideas-Design-Planning-Device', which vividly symbolizes that architecture is the product of a process in which many aspects and actors play a role.
The exhibition in the former department store showcase will be on display until October 11, 2020.

📸by Andreas Horsky
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September 23rd, 2020

#Repost @dfb_verband

The new DFB and its academy with the head office, a college, high-performance, conference and training facilities continues to take shape. The varied spatial structure is created under a common roof. Its differentiated programme is organised like a small town. By now, the symbolic "roof" is also physically tangible.

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September 18th, 2020

Yesterday the roofing ceremony was celebrated in Cologne Mülheim! 🏗

In the Cologne district of Mülheim, COLGNEO-I is being built north of the trade fair grounds on the former Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz site as a mixed quarter for working and living, commerce and creative industries. One of the first building blocks in the south of the site is the GE-101 building, which will offer space for 170 employees including an underground car park with 30 parking spaces. A complementary range of multi-purpose indoor and outdoor spaces will enhance the working environment and promote communication, togetherness and well-being for all employees.

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September 7th, 2020
MIDSIZE Newspaper No. 20

Unser Newspaper No. 20 mit dem Titel MIDSIZE ist druckfrisch eingetroffen:
Aachen ist bestes Beispiel einer Stadt mittlerer Größe. Deutlicher als in einer wuchernden Metropole prägt die reiche Geschichte bis heute den öffentlichen Raum. Schon wegen der zentralen Lage direkt am Dom spielte dies eine wichtige Rolle bei der Neustrukturierung des Bischöflichen Generalvikariats, bei der es um eine angemessene Identität ebenso wie um die Re- Integration eines 60er-Jahre-Gebäudes in den Stadtkern ging … mehr