June 30th, 2022
kadawittfeldarchitektur celebrates the inauguration of the DFB-Academy

On the site of the former racetrack, the soccer fields, sports facilities and new building of the DFB with its academy are embedded in the pre-existing Frankfurt city forest. Within this green framework, which functions as a natural buffer to the surroundings, the interplay of built spaces, sports fields, densely wooded areas, and small plazas and clearings forms a common campus.
We are happy about the DFB’s move-in and the related ceremonial opening!

More about the project and in the article of the FAZ.


June 21st, 2022
Hotel at Erzbergerufer Bonn at the "Day of Architecture" in North Rhine-Westphalia

On the “Day of Architecture” June 19th, our Hotel at Erzbergerufer in Bonn is one of 139 objects!

We are looking forward to your visit.

More information here.

June 10th, 2022
Tim Danner at the BDA Colloquium ´Shaping the Circular Economy´ on July 1st

BDA colloquium on the need to think in cycles and on the new circular economy law and regulations emanating from the EU that will change the practice of building. Tim Danner (kadawittfeldarchitektur), Ute Dechantsreiter (Bundesverband bauteilnetz Deutschland e.V.), Jeroen Meissen (Partner und Partner Architekten), Eva Stricker (ZHAW Zurich), Franziska Albrecht (Madaster) and Marc Matzken (heimspiel architekten) will discuss the questions:

What can architects* do to be prepared? What contribution can they make to promote the change towards responsible building?

The event will include sufficient time for discussion. Four continuing education points will be recognized by the AKH for attending the event.

Further information and registration here.

June 7th, 2022
B I L D U N G S t R Ä U M E

Exhibition in the context of Architekturtage 21/22 at Architekturhaus Salzburg.

The exhibition, created in cooperation with the Mozarteum University, deals with the spatial aspects of the current discourse on education. The focus is on a reflection on the interaction of learning and space, artistic interpretations set impulses and stimulate reflection.

The Hallein Special Education Center by kadawittfeldarchitektur is also part of the exhibition.

The opening is on June 9th with Roman Höllbacher (Initiative Archtitektur), Martina Berthold (Salzburg City Councilor), Carina Alterdinger (lecturer at the Department of Stage Design) and students of the Mozarteum University. Exhibition with workshops and children and youth program will be from June 10th – August 5th.

Further information you can find here.

June 3rd, 2022
Jasna Moritz at the BBSR Sustainability Congress on June 13th

Jasna Moritz will be speaking at the Sustainability Congress on June 13th titled “Thinking the future – building sustainably” about the necessary contributions of the building sector to achieve the climate goals. In her keynote speech on circular construction, she will highlight the extent to which the C2C principle is suitable for mass use and can also be applied to large-scale residential construction projects, using MORINGA as an example.

The congress is jointly organized by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs (BBSR) and Spatial Development and the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Construction (BMWSB).

More information can be found here.

May 31st, 2022
Gerhard Wittfeld at the Baukulturforum of the BDA Düsseldorf on June 8th

“Green and nothing but green! The Aesthetics of Architecture with an Ecological Claim.”

Technical developments have always been closely linked to the shape of architecture. But how do the demands for ecologically appropriate architecture and the demand for sustainability affect the shape of architecture? Is the green facade the ornament of the beginning 21st century? Which images correspond to an ecological, sustainable architecture? What is the relationship between technology and design today?


Joining us for this evening are:

Sabine Djahanschah, German Federal Foundation for the Environment

Prof. Dr. Eike Musall, Professor for Building Performance at the Peter Behrens School of Architecture PBSA Düsseldorf

More information here.




May 25th, 2022
Moringa bei CIRCULAR CONSTRUCTION Ausstellung der Architekturgalerie München

“Architecture requires dialogical work, with clients*, users*, experts from industry and general public and open-mindedness for their needs and expertises. This is particularly true for C2C: It’s not about the ideology, it’s about exploring together what’s feasible and what is reasonable, over and over again.”

Jasna Moritz, architect and partner at kadawittfeldarchitektur is part of TECEConnects #4 on 02.06.22 on the topic of circular economy.

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May 23rd, 2022
Gerhard Wittfeld at Baukongress on June 2nd
Gerhard Wittfeld, will give the keynote speech “Designing, Enveloping, Constructing – Architecture and Facade” on 02.06.22. Among other things, the focus will be on the relevance of enveloping surfaces in the urban context, as well as future potentials in terms of functionality and sustainability.

More about the congress and participation here.

May 23rd, 2022
Kilian Kada at DigitalBAU 2022

What benefits do digital tools offer besides process optimization? Is BIM improving the design and what impact do digital tools have on the result? Are there achievements in terms of material selection and C2C concepts that can be attributed to the use of BIM?

Kilian Kada will provide insights into the projects of kadawittfeldarchitektur in Hall 5 on May 31st from

More information here

May 19th, 2022
Won! Winning design for office tower and hotel near Dortmund Central Station

We are pleased about our winning design for the office tower and Premier Inn Hotel at Dortmund Central Station. At the Königswall, between the reception building of the Dortmund main station and the NH Hotel, a new urban building block is being created.

We were not only able to convince with the urban setting of the office tower and the hotel building, but also with our sustainability approach:.

“The elegant urban figure of the building ensemble ‘from one cast’ is carried by the idea of circular and CO2-reduced construction. The sophisticated natural-colored ceramic facade is a symbol of the sustainable and respectful handling of the resources of our environment” – Gerhard Wittfeld, Managing Director kadawittfeldarchitektur.

May 16th, 2022
Moringa at CIRCULAR CONSTRUCTION Exhibition at Architekturgalerie Munich

From May 16th to July 2nd, 2022, the exhibition “CIRCULAR CONSTRUCTION – from waste to use” will take place.

As a positive example of Circular Construction, Moringa proves how it is done. In plans, photos, models and videos, CIRCULAR CONSTRUCTION presents built examples of material system cycles that convince through their circular, resource-conserving approach, their creation from reused materials and at the same time through their high design quality.

More information and who else is involved here.



Concular is launching its "Circularity Partner Program" and we are part of it!

Concular is launching its “Circularity Partner Program” and we are part of it!

kadawittfeldarchitektur is already contributing to a more sustainable building industry. Together with various actors from all disciplines, we are already planning our environment in a Co2 and resource efficient way. We believe that the establishment of the “Circularity Partner Program” serves the successful implementation of sustainability in the construction industry, and we are happy to be part of it.


May 4th, 2022
Foundation stone laid for "Continentale Campus" at Stadtkrone Ost, Dortmund

“We are delighted with the kick-off that the foundation stone laying signifies for the realization of the project. The pandemic has taught us that sustainable companies need meeting places. The boulevard will not only connect the individual buildings of the Dortmund head office to form a “Continentale Campus”, but will also be a place of communication and personal exchange between all employees.” – Gerhard Wittfeld.

We celebrate the foundation stone laying ceremony of the “Continentale Campus” at the Stadtkrone Ost in Dortmund! The new building is being constructed as an ensemble of three office buildings with a common first floor and adjacent parking garage on an elevated construction site characterized by dense tree population. The first floor zone is embedded in the natural plateau of the site like another landscape terrace with a green roof. The three meandering building blocks rising above this roofscape form a differentiated urban ensemble.

As a place of encounter and communication for the employees, who were previously spread across three locations, the boulevard zone with its floor-to-ceiling glass facades and landscaped patios offers a bright, friendly atmosphere and maximum connection to the outside world.

More information about the project here.


April 28th, 2022
Moringa wins polis Award 2022!

As winner in the category “ecological reality”, MORINGA could prevail. MORINGA is the first highrise residential ensemble based on the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. According to this principle, recyclable and healthy materials are joined to each other so that they can be separated, deconstructed and recycled. Overall, more green space is created horizontally and vertically than is built over.

We are very happy about the award and would like to thank all participants and our entire project team!

More information about the project can be found here.


April 20th, 2022
Jasna Moritz on "InterACT Insights" business podcast episode now online!

How cycle-friendly are we actually constructing in Germany already? What hurdles still stand in the way of C2C and how can they be overcome? At the premiere of the InterACT Insights live podcast, Dr. Patrick Bergmann from Madaster Germany and Jasna Moritz gave a deep insight into what is probably one of the most pressing topics in the industry.

You’ll hear about their experiences with ongoing projects, international role models, and how it’s easy to take the first steps toward C2C even in existing buildings.

Have fun listening in!


March 29th, 2022
kadawittfeldarchitektur is "Madaster Innovation Partner"

As a “Madaster Innovation Partner” we believe in the relevance of the material passport. A circular mindset is the admission ticket. We have already gained valuable experience in 2015 with the RAG Kreislaufhaus at Zollverein, which was one of the first buildings in Germany to consider comprehensive C2C measures and became a pilot project in the EU research project ‘BAMB – Building as Material Banks’.

With our expertise in circular construction, we look forward to furthering the sustainable development of the construction industry in conjunction with BIM and in partnership with the Madaster network.

More information (in German) on the membership here. 


March 24th, 2022
kadawittfeldarchitektur material cadaster

How “good” is all my building material really?

Our sustainability department, which regularly deals with new sustainable materials, has developed a new tool, the “Material-kwa-taster”. Manufacturers can use a special form to enter basic information about their products in relation to their sustainability, which is then stored in our database. The additional information will enable us not only to make better decisions concerning product selection in the future, but also to heighten the awareness of manufacturers for the issue of sustainable construction.

So, join in!

March 10th, 2022
Cradle to Cradle in building practice - NAX advanced training on 31.3.2022 with Jasna Moritz.

In this NAX online seminar, Jasna Moritz offers a deeper insight into added values, feasibility, recommendations and experiences with C2C-based design and construction.

Using our Hamburg Hafencity project “Moringa”, it will be explained what to look for in C2C in the planning process and what environmental, social and economic added value C2C actually offers.

Registration link

March 1st, 2022
Jasna Moritz at the DGNB "Phase Sustainability" talk on March 24th.

As part of the “Declaration of Sustainability” initiative, we are pleased to join forces with architects who consider the transformation of architectural practice towards sustainability as a new normal.

The main focus is on our high-rise residential building Moringa, which is being built in accordance to the C2C principle, as well as the knowledge exchange and exchange of experiences within the framework of the initiative.

Click here to register for the event

More information about Moringa can be found here.


February 8th, 2022
new to the neighbourhood: PANDION The Shelf

Having arrived in Kreuzberg directly at Moritzplatz, the building ensemble THE SHELF is now part of a historically grown commercial area. The neighbourhood is known for its socially mixed population, creative lifestyles and diverse nightlife and cultural life.


Find out more about The Shelf on Website, LinkedIn or Instagram!