Projects New Trade Fair Hall no. 12 at Messe Frankfurt

New Trade Fair Hall no. 12 at Messe Frankfurt

Fair and Square -
Let's take the Via Mobile and go for a
stroll around the exhibition grounds!

Typology trade fair Location Frankfurt a. M. Construction Volume (without parking) GFA 95.070 m², GV 863.300 m³ Client Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH & Co. KG Realisation 2016-2018 Competition 1st prize 2014


#Construction of new trade fair hall in the centre of Messe Frankfurt

The interconnecting transportation network does not only provide immediate access to the hall but actually becomes a spatial component of the new build.

Photo Jean-Luc Valentin

The new trade fair hall is located at the west entrance in the south of the Messe Frankfurt grounds. The two exhibition halls stacked on top of each other are enclosed by a four-storey ring of ancillary rooms and building services. Thus, the halls created are extremely versatile and free from any structural intrusions. The facade design incorporates the fully glazed trade fair transportation system – the Via Mobile. From the outside the moving walkway is visible as a glazed seam in the light exterior skin, which opens up at the entrances, foyers and catering zones creating multi-storey lounges to linger and watch the hustle and bustle of the fair. A total of three entrances in the east, west and on the northern trade fair boulevard provide access to visitors. This layout enables the venue to be separated and several events to take place simultaneously. The required car parking is not positioned on the roof, but in a multi-storey car park attached to the southern side of the hall. As a result, the full distance of the roof is spanned without intermediate supports and photovoltaic panels are installed on top of the new trade fair hall to generate renewable energy.

Photo Jean-Luc Valentin

The Via Mobile is visible in the line graph created by the fully glazed elements in the façade. The peaks mark the entrances, foyers and restaurants.

Photo Andreas Horsky
Photo Anreas Horsky
Photo Jean-Luc Valentin

The diagonally running tension and compression bars of the folded tent ceiling transfer weight and wind forces to complexly shaped junctions through which the supporting structure transfers its large loads from the façade surfaces to the inner hall body.

in cooperation with GHP Architekten
Photo Andreas Horsky

The building, in which two exhibition levels lie one above the other, measures around 120 by 250 metres in area and 30 metres in height. All secondary functions are arranged on 4 floors at the edges to avoid disturbing fixtures.

A team of 6 colleagues is supervising the development of the project on site.

‘In the first 18 months of the construction period, we had to check around 5000 plans. We usually have about 100-150 plans on the table at one stage.’
Robert Ringhoff

March 19th, 2018
Silver metal grid tie at Messe Frankfurt

… for Roberto as a thank you for inspecting 5,000 project plans!

February 28th, 2017
The World's Strongest Man at work: one girder weighs 104 tonnes.

The main steel girders are 25 long and have been calculated to bear a load of 600 tonnes. The exhibition hall will offer exhibitors a clear height of 10 metres.

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Oliver Venghaus
Photo Jean-Luc Valentin

„Im Bauablauf mussten drei Etagen mit Traggerüsten unterstützt werden bis der Beton der Zugbänder ausgehärtet war.”
Matthias Meyn

„During the construction process, three floors had to be supported by shoring and scaffolding until the concrete around the tension members had set.”

Matthias Meyn

Construction site - time-lapse film published by Messe Frankfurt on 27 June 2017