PATRIZIA Headquarters

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Typology office Location Augsburg Construction Volume GFA 5.950 m², GV 20.700 m³ Client PATRIZIA Projektentwicklung GmbH Realisation 2008-2010 Competition 1st prize 2007 Awards thomaswechspreis 2012


#Representative extension of the headquarters, flexible office space, dining facilities, underground car park. Completion of perimeter block according to preliminary notice.

The designs reacts to the “relief” façade of the neighbouring buildings with a double-skin façade, in which the in-between space expands from 0.5 m to 2 m, thus becoming useful space. With insulated glass on the exterior and sliding doors separating the interior offices, this “winter garden” becomes a place of relaxation or communication or a temporary work space. A new office typology is created with the possibility of an extension from two sides: the combination-zone on the access side and the winter garden zone on the façade side.

Gerhard Hagen
Photo Gerhard Hagen

Its tilted glass creates a respectful distance bridging the gap between two landmark buildings: the existing headquarters from the 1960s and the Hong Kong House, which are both protected as historic sites. The horizontally positioned loggia-bands form a dynamic contrast to the 19th century building opposite. A tilted glass element ensures a respectful distance to existing substance. The new entrance connects the arcades of the existing building, welcoming visitors through a light-flooded foyer with views onto the adjacent theatre.
Up to three independent office units, flexible in layout, are created on each floor; and by further staggering the facade’s arrangement, its elegant double-skin glass façade forms an interior space which is extended into an area similar to a winter garden. These loggias not only offer protection from noise pollution but also a form of natural ventilation for the office areas.

Ground floor plan
Photo Gianni Plescia

‘The idea of the extended office space is that inside and outside merge. In spring and autumn, the doors tend to be open – you can easily go outside.’

Timo Oberbossel | project developer

Photo Gerhard Hagen

The façade colour can be adjusted through light input.

Photo Gerhard Hagen

‘We really like the conservatory for its insulating function, both against noise as well as heat and cold.’

Hans Hummel | chartered accountant Hummel.Kollegen.

Photo Angelo Kaunat