Mobility Hub

Schöner Parken -
Interstitial Spaces for the City!

Typology Parkhaus Location Stuttgart Construction Volume GFA 21.300m², GV 40.000m³ , Client E.Breuninger GmbH Competition 2020


#Reorganization of the neighborhood – “Smart Mobility Hub” in Stuttgart

Our competition entry for a Mobility Hub in Stuttgart takes the actual design task of creating 580 parking spaces for vehicles a step further in terms of lively neighborhood development.

By organizing the parking areas as compactly as possible in a shelf-like structure of about 110m length and 16m width, space for public uses was to be created. In addition to a landscaped plaza area – the “Esslinger Platz” – stores, a café, a bakery a kiosk with outdoor seating areas and a bicycle store with workshop were planned. The building was to be wrapped in an articulated, semi-transparent dress of expanded metal and partially planted with vines. The architecture as such, would also have been activated as a playable space for the public. In addition to a green roof area with leisure facilities, which was to be accessed via impressive stair cascades, a spectacular climbing wall was envisaged in the air space between the stairs, making the users of the building visible actors in the urban space.

West view
East view
Rendering Loomilux

A Bicycle- Hub extends below the exit spindle of the garage. Above the bicycle store, a spectacular climbing wall hangs in the airspace between the cascade staircase and the parking garage floors.


The reorganization of the neighborhood along the B14 in Stuttgart consists of three building blocks: a new House for Film and Media, the Smart Mobility Hub and another new building will extend along the busy arterial road to the north. Our design for the Mobility Hub was indented to allow views of the neighboring structures and maximize public space.