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How can the access core be turned into a multi-purpose space?

Typology office Location Bayreuth Construction volume GFA approx. 10,470 m² GIV 50,127 m³ Client medi GmbH & Co. KG Completion 2019-2021 Study direct appointment 2017


#New office building for the headquarters of medi GmbH & Co. KG in Bayreuth

The access core, not only with its technical and connecting functions but also its spatial extensions and incorporated retreats and communication zones, is an integrative feature of medi’s modern world of work.

The company medi, a manufacturer of medical aids, is extending its headquarters in Bayreuth by adding a new office building with approximately 320 workplaces. The nine-storey tower protrudes from an arcade-lined single-storey annex to the existing building. The central forum on the ground floor is the heart of the new building. As an open space with green courtyards, incorporating the reception, an exhibition area, a restaurant with a terrace, as well as a jointly used conference zone, it functions as a meeting place for all members of staff and visitors.

Reception with view into green inner courtyards

The floor-to-ceiling glass facade connects the interior and exterior zones, creating interesting views through planted courtyards, to the conference and entrance areas, as well as the restaurant’s exterior terrace.

The single-storey annex incorporates the more general functions, such as a restaurant with kitchen facilities, as well as exhibition, meeting and conference areas.
The core zones on the ground floor are surrounded by a coffee bar, storage space, toilet facilities and further ancillary rooms.

The stair, lift and installation core in the centre of the building is designed as an accessible piece of furniture. It provides access to the storeys above with modern collaborative work zones.

Collage of the Office Lounge

The collaborative work zones, meeting and presentation areas relate to the company’s history in terms of their interior design and material palette. The selected surfaces and materials are a reminder of the company’s fabric and product developments in the high-tech and high-fashion business. Together with the distinct colour concept, they create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior space.

Flexible working environment



Design suggestion for the lounge

Alongside different scale models, collages and renderings are used to visualise the atmosphere of the interior design and present the results to the client and other planning participants for decision-making purposes in meetings.

July 17th, 2019
Interior Model is going home tomorrow!????

On our 1:50 scale model, we developed the interior concept for the central open ‘market square’ on the ground floor, which will serve as a meeting point for all employees and guests with a reception area, restaurant with terrace and a shared conference zone.

Meeting rooms
July 25th, 2019

Do you remember those MINI MODELS by #kwainteriors we showed you about a week ago?
Here you see them placed in a 1:50 model for one of our clients.
The centrepiece of the design is the central open 'MARKET SQUARE' on the ground floor, which will serve as a meeting point for all employees and guests with a reception area, restaurant with terrace and a shared conference zone.
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The design and volume of the protruding tower was developed to correspond with structural references to existing building and studies concerning the appearance from a distance.

Kilian Kada

The single-storey annex with its surrounding arcade accommodates the central forum and creates an urban link between the new and the existing building.