Projects Beiersdorf Children's Day Care Centre 'Troplo Kids'

Beiersdorf Children's Day Care Centre 'Troplo Kids'

New Kids on the Toy Block -
An adventure!

Typology education Location Hamburg Construction Volume GFA 1,750 m², GV 7,000 m³ Client Beiersdorf AG Realisation 2012-2013 Certificate DGNB Platin Award BDA Preis Hamburg – honorable mention


#Children’s day care centre for 7 groups

The colourful facade frames are a characteristic feature of the new kindergarten on the outside and a means to provide varied space for creative play inside.

Photo Werner Huthmacher

The two-storey new build is located next to a green area on the inner-city grounds of the Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. The extremely compact rectangular structure is arranged around a central, two-storey multi-purpose room, which functions as a play area and gathering space. The inspiration for the design came from the history of the Beiersdorf AG in that the kindergarten resembles an abstract version of an apothecary cabinet. Featuring a shelf-like structure, the facade caters for a variety of functions and requirements and, at the same time, creates a light and transparent atmosphere indoors. The large window formats provide perfect conditions for play and educational work.

Photo Werner Huthmacher

The inserted coloured frames shape and structure the facade on the outside and offer the children a sense of direction and a way of identifying with their group.

Photo Werner Huthmacher



Photo Werner Huthmacher

The multi-purpose room, a two-storey multi-functional hall, is the heart of the building – the communicative centre for children and carers. It functions as a distributor to the various functional zones and a space for communal activities.

November 21st, 2014
DGNB Platinum Certificate for Kita Troplo-Kids!

The day-care center has been certified by the German DGNB system and has received a platinum award for its sustainable approach.

Photo Werner Huthmacher

On the inside, the frames are accessible and supplement the play area with exciting elements: platforms, boxes, spaces to sit, climb and play, designed to stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination.

Photo Werner Huthmacher
Photo Werner Huthmacher
Second floor plan