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Typologie office Location Herzogenaurach Construction Volume GFA 62.000m² GV 356.000m³ Client adidas AG World of Sports Construction 2008-2011 Competition 1st Prize 2007 Awards Office Application Award 2009 – Best Innovative Concept, TDC 58 2012 – Orientierungssystem certificate of typographic excellence, AIT Award 2012 – selection, Prime Property Award 2012 – shortlist, DETAIL Preis 2012, pbb Architekturpreis 2012, 15 spektakulärste Firmensitze der Welt, ICONIC AWARDS 2013 – Best of Best, Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2013-Nachhaltiges Bauen – shortlist, Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaues 2014


#Research and development building with 1700 working places at the adidas World of Sports campus in Herzogenaurach

In contrast to conventional office typologies, the ring structure lends to the building a double relationship to the landscape – both to the outer surroundings and to the communicative landscape of the atrium. The connecting walkways, “Laces”, efficiently open up access to all office areas without the need to cross through other departments. At the same time they transform the atrium into a creative center of the building that provides an identity.

adidas Campus ‘World of Sports’

1 Spikes
2 Adi Dassler Sportplatz
3 Laces
4 Adi Dassler Brand Center
5 Stripes
6 Allround

Photo Werner Huthmacher

The new Laces blends into the existing World of Sports ensemble as a floating counterpart to the black, recumbent mass of the adidas Brand Center. Its clearly contoured volume positively invites the surrounding campus to find a continuation within its interior, an atrium with a controlled climate. Lined up in a circular arrangement, the office areas with their large glazed surfaces open onto the atmospheric inner space and the remarkable landscaped space.

Interview with Gerhard Wittfeld und Kilian Kada from the series of „ARCHlab“ – a cooperation of, Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM, Goethe Institut and Prounen Film

The connecting walkways that cross the atrium, the Laces, “tie” the built volume together, as it were, to form a many-layered office building that is rich in relationships. They enable a maximum of interaction and allow open areas of communication to emerge. As delicate connecting bridges, they weave a poetic spatial structure into the interior and thus make the special creative atmosphere of the building legible. The result is an inspiring place for research and product development.

Photo Werner Huthmacher
Photo Werner Huthmacher
Photo Gianni Plescia
Photo Gianni Plescia


“Personally, I prefer to look into the atrium…-you can see what’s going on at the market square right now: Who just hung something in the window pane again? What are the new products like? What’s happening? Who is meeting whom?”
Marcel Gerlitz | Senior Mangager Office Management

Bereiche im Laces

1 Dachkonstruktion
2 Office Module
3 Service Module
4 zentrales Atrium
5 Innovation Module mit Testhalle
6 Technikzentrale, Lagerräume und Nebenräume


Designers Day at Herzogenaurach
Twice a year designers from every creation center gather at the wold of sport campus in Herzogenaurach, Germany.


Office Module
Laces was conceived as a flexible office building. Changes in the composition and size of teams or of the entire occupying units are every bit as normal in a globally active company like adidas as the temporary integration of employees from other locations worldwide or groups of external persons. This means that the use of space within the Office Module can be adapted to organisational changes more easily than hitherto.

Werner Huthmacher

Office Module
Das Laces ist als flexibles Bürogebäude konzipiert. Veränderungen in der Zusammensetzung und Größe der Teams bzw. ganzer Belegungseinheiten sind in einem global agierenden Konzern wie adidas ebenso an der Tagesordnung wie die temporäre Integration von Arbeitskräften aus den weltweiten Standorten oder externer Personengruppen.

Photo Werner Huthmacher

Athlete Services
Athlete Services is an out-of-the-ordinary place: individual care for athletes under contract, teams and VIPs takes place right here. Individually adapted products are made and presented on the spot for outstanding athletes who enjoy individual attention from adidas.

Foto Werner Huthmacher

Athlete Services
Hier findet vor Ort eine individuelle Betreuung von Vertragsathleten, Mannschaften und VIPs statt. Für herausragende und von adidas individuell betreute Athleten werden hier individuell angepasste Produkte angefertigt und präsentiert.