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Another Side of the Story -
Play with the spatial perception of a facade!

Typology Health Location Cologne Construction volume Facade surface area approx. 6,600 m² Client University Hospital Cologne with financial support from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia Project planner and manager medfacilities GmbH, Cologne Architect façade kadawittfeldarchitektur Realization 2016-2019 Direct assignment 2014


#Facade design for a new build on the Cologne University campus

The large-scale images applied to the building envelope have an impact on the spatial perception of passers-by and give the new build an unmistakeable character.

Photo Conné van d‘Grachten

The new build is located at the centre of the densely built university campus and can therefore not be perceived as a whole by passers-by. In order to nevertheless create a visual identity, two large format images adorn the new building’s facades. Each illustration is composed of several shades of a single colour and resembles a simplified canopy of leaves. The two primary colours, red and green, pick up hues from the surrounding environment. Like in a so-called tabula scalata, the images are divided into vertical strips and applied to the different sides of full-height exterior louvers. The red image is visible on one louver surface, the green image on the other.


Photo Conné van d‘Grachten

The illustrations have been applied to the four facade surfaces in such a way that the building appears in a single hue when seen from opposite corners; the colour changes as you walk past. The metallic coating of the louvers reflects the surroundings. The effects of the changing colours and shimmering reflections are a memorable experience for passers-by.

Photo Conné van d‘Grachten
Detail drawing
Photo Aryan Mirfendereski