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How to incorporate a living room in the foyer?

Typology office, interior design Location Heerlen Construction Volume GFA 1500 m², 480 workplaces, staff restaurant with 260 seats Client DocMorris N.V. Realisation 2013 – 2015


# Interior design for the new headquarters of the mail-order pharmacy DocMorris in Heerlen

In addition to the staff canteen, the entrance level of the new headquarters offers a variety of spatial features encouraging communication among employees and thus shaping the organisational culture of the business.


The ground floor of the new headquarters forms the company’s basis of communication. The lounge area at the foot of the atrium, immediately next to the reception area is designed as an inviting place to sit and wait. The adjoining staff canteen is not only used during lunch hours but throughout the day for team meetings, either seated at tables or standing at lean seats. Booths in a variety of different colour tones provide a retreat for groups of either four or six persons to discuss in a more private environment. A larger room, with sufficient seating for 20 and designed for more official meetings and conferences, completes the spatial layout. Workplaces for 150 employees with open areas and a variety of team offices are arranged around a central atrium on the three office levels above. Each floor also accommodates a central functional zone, each with two coffee and copy points and meeting rooms.
The colour and material concept is based on Doc Morris’ CI colours and includes a mix of green, white and grey. These slightly cool hues are complemented by homely, natural materials, such as parquet flooring, carpets and upholstery.

Photo Andreas Horsky
Ground floor plan

The large tables and benches are used for team meetings.

Photo Andreas Horsky

‘Retreat pods’ offer space for 4 to 6 persons to meet.

Photo Andreas Horsky

The colours used are based on the CI colours of DocMorris