Extension of the Sachsenturm

Continuation of the City Wall

Typology administration, culture Construction Volume GFA 500 m², GV 2.720 m³ Client Gemeinnütziger Bauverein „Sachsenturm“ e.V. Competition 2018


#Extension to the fortified tower at Sachsenring for the carnival club Blaue Funken

The accessible roof of the new build offers views of the park and the surrounding landscape. Like a carnival float, it could be used to throw sweets to the crowds.

The arches of the former city wall are reinterpreted in the extension giving the new build an unmistakeable character. Thanks to the slim legs of the main structure, which are conceived as piers in line with the arches of the old city wall, the new build is perceived as a self-contained element that blends in with the existing building stock. In order to maintain the pathway, the so-called Blaue-Funken-Weg, between the tower and the new build, the tower is connected to the extension by a bridge. Thus, the first arch now spans the Blaue-Funken-Weg, the second one accommodates the main, barrier-free and very prominent entrance to the new build. Two further arches offer views in and out of the interior event space.
The main access route via the Sachsenturm is maintained. The tower’s upper floor provides level access across the first arch to the first floor of the new build with the administrative rooms. An open stairway or lift takes visitors down into the underground event hall. The basement also accommodates a kitchen and storage facilities. The event hall can be separated into two smaller units.

Drawing ‘Bauverein Historische Stadtmauer’: Configuration of Cologne’s city wall

2nd phase of the competition

2nd phase of the competition

Due to the continuation of the city wall’s arches, the passage Blaue-Funken-Weg could be retained. A bridge, which becomes a part of the building, provides access to the existing structure. The accessibility is comparable to the city wall walkway.

The new arches are all the same height and follow the rhythm of the city wall. Each arch is assigned a specific function: passageway, entrance, hall or panoramic view.

Insertion model from the competition