6. Juni 2019

Read our contribution to the publication My Bauhaus 100 Architects on the 100th Anniversary of a Myth published at Edition DETAIL
Appeal to the future
Much of what surrounds us in everyday life has a bit of Bauhaus to it. We can sense its aim to break with the existing to create a more just world, for it to literally take shape. Unfortunately, the term "Bauhaus" has also been to market cars, furniture and, yes, architecture. Banal, functional buildings are often praised as "timeless" or "functional" in the sense of the Bauhaus idea, even if they are its glaring opposite. The Bauhaus propagated the inter-disciplinarity of composition, the quality of craftsmanship and the democratization of design. A design plan without the slightest too much or too little requires a high degree of dedication, time and the brain power of all involved in its development.
But the aesthetic quality of a building does not lie in reduction alone -something that today is all too often elevated to dogma. For all its practicality, at its core the Bauhaus strove for beauty; for the sculptural power and playful elegance of form. 1 hope that its sensuality, multidimensionality and love of experimentation will spark again. Let's not see Bauhaus as a label for a style, but as a mission to continue its interdisciplinary approach, to remain relevant and think about the future of society.
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