9. Juli 2020

Public places in the city have a major role to play in the perception of identity and belonging. They express the democratic attitude and orientation in a society and are therefore of great importance for its perception.

@grimmwelt_kassel is such a place for us: with its roof terrace embedded in the park landscape, it creates a public space that is freely accessible, can be walked on at any time and may be used in many ways as an open-air auditorium and lookout point. A sensitive approach to the special features of the location and the decision to make the roof completely accessible to the citizens of the city led to the fact that the Grimmwelt including the roof terrace is one of the favourite spots in Kassel.

Today, there is an extensive offer beyond the actual museum use for all parts of the population. Among other things, various sports course providers have discovered the open and free roof area for themselves and use the summer for yoga classes, as in the photos from last summer. #grimmweltrooftopyoga

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