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Quality assurance

There is constant cooperation between the building site and the office, which comes naturally if the architects’ practice is responsible for most or even all of the service phases. Some design phases overlap – while the structural work takes shape on site, the planning of the interior fit-out proceeds in the office. Particularly if each building has a unique design and is tailored to meet specific requirements, or in other words each individual building is a prototype, cooperation with the design departments is fundamental.

Photo Henning Drefke

“Coordinating the different trades on site is a challenge. Especially if the sequence of construction processes and planning phases is inconsistent, and work stages merge and intertwine.”
Stefan Haass

In the case of the Bitzer Headquarters, a high-rise with 17 storeys in addition to a single-storey annex, it was possible, for example, to start mounting the glass facade on the lower floors, while the concrete was still being poured further up. The necessary protection of the glass elements against concrete wash water required not only accurate planning but also a cooperative and careful approach by all contractors involved.