25. Juni 2020

Speaking of Bonn: At the same place we had developed a very nice design for the Beethoven Concert Hall in 2014. Unfortunately the competition was not continued :-(
At least some good ideas could be saved: The design for the festival venue adopted the characteristics of the landscaped plateau and made use of the height difference to the Rhine promenade.
The outcome was a tiered structure without any edges and corners. The contour lines incorporated in the building were continued outside in the form of steps leading down to the embankment.
The interior was the polar opposite: the hall was sunk into the ground similar to an amphitheatre and arranged in the traditional vineyard style.
By setting the hall into the ground, the height of the new build was below that of the Beethoven Concert Hall. Visitors approaching the building from Theaterstraße crossed the new Beethoven Campus and had level access to the fully glazed foyer, which was then transformed into a city balcony. This fully glazed joint between the stalls and the “sound box” (with balconies) up above enabled visitors to look either into the concert hall or down to the water’s edge.

visualization: #kadawittfeldarchitektur/@rendertaxi.de #lostandfoundarchitecture #designcompetition #architecturalcompetition #iconicbuildings #archilovers #desingedbykwa