Research Park Salzburg-Urstein 


BRIEF Construction of a complete urban ensemble in Salzburg-Urstein in the immediate vicinity of the palace and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, consisting of a private clinic, a laboratory, hotel offices, flats and an underground car park | ADDED VALUE In terms of space and content, the Plaza forms the centre of this ensemble, which takes its inspiration from the landscape. The Plaza is an urban centre that gives the complex its identity and an “address”. 

URSTEIN RESEARCH PARK | AUSTRIA  The masterplan for the research park is a continuation of the spatial contexts that were already specified when the neighbouring University of Applied Sciences was planned. The design picks up the motif of the linear stone driveway of the University of Applied Sciences on which the Meierei (dairy), the original palace building dating from the late 17th century, is situated, thus placing the Meierei at the heart of the new research centre. The six buildings that are to be newly constructed are grouped around the long urban Plaza. In addition to its function of providing entrance and vehicle access, the Plaza provides space for events and is a place to linger thanks to its adjoining café and catering facilities. The buildings are conceived as “components of the landscape”, taking their place in the scenic surroundings with greened roofs and a silvery-grey façade of larch wood that faces outwards. Landscape architecture measures such as green strips with a sylvan character and the planting of trees merge the research park with its natural surroundings and make the theme of landscape perceptible in the whole complex. Three six-storey highlights take up the scale of the University of Applied Sciences and allow fantastic views of the mountain backdrop, the scenery, the palace and the Meierei.

Salzburg-Urstein (AT)
gfa 55.000m² construction volume ca. 204.000m³
Hilfswerk Salzburg Wohnen & Infrastruktur GmbH
2016 - 2018
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