St. Nikolaus Neumarkt am Wallersee 


BRIEF A home for the elderly, with 60 beds. ADDED VALUE Differentiated levels of public and private space enable the inhabitants to engage with one another in various ways. The rooms are divided between 3 building volumes, and the empty space between the volumes is converted from the usual access corridor into a kind of “interior street.” The wooden louvers, which also cover the outer façade transform the corridor walls into an internal façade from which the entrances to the rooms are set-off. Each of the two doors share a front porch that is equipped with a bench and a wooden parquet, creating a buffer-zone between the public access area and the private living quarters.

ST.NIKOLAUS, NEUMARKT | AUSTRIA In comparison to a small city, this home for the elderly provides its inhabitants a lively environment through its sequence of passages and places including a foyer, “interior streets,” a green atrium, dining room, and terraced courtyard. The house is entered by a central main hall which creates a semi-public space, connecting the two living tracts. The building structure provides both an overview and efficient paths, guaranteeing that the service personnel are provided optimal working conditions and that the inhabitants are able to orientate themselves within the versatile space without having to relinquish any of its pleasant atmosphere. The relationship of tension between glass and wood, inside and outside, public openness and private intimacy mirrors the life of its senior citizens: the house becomes a protective shell that consciously filters and enables the public space so that it is integrated into the surroundings.

Neumarkt am Wallersee (AT)
gfa 4.300m² construction volume 14.200m³
Gemeindeverband Neumarkt am Wallersee
1st Prize 1998
1999 - 2001
2001 - Holzbaupreis Land Salzburg - Shortlist - Seniorenhaus St. Nikolaus Neumarkt
2002 - Architekturpreis des Landes Salzburg - Seniorenhaus St. Nikolaus Neumarkt
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