SPZ Hallein 


BRIEF Center for the disabled. Maximum preservation of the green areas, while taking the neighboring small-section buildings into consideration. | ADDED VALUE With the sculptural molding of the building and its striking metal skin, the building demonstrates the needs and the position of the handicapped in our society. Defined according to the needs of the users, the organization of the building volume creates zones of varying intimacy. The classrooms convey the atmosphere of an intimate living room with “children-friendly” interiors and bay windows.

SPZ, HALLEIN | AUSTRIA This school in Hallein is especially designed for children. The “genius loci” is given its character by its proximity to the Salzach River promenade, the distant beautiful view of the Alps, and the adjacent housing area. The linchpin of the interior organization is the glazed hall, connecting the levels for special classes with the levels for the disabled. The hall is also the reception and “free-time” area and, because of the similar materials used, it brings the outside inside. These material similarities form a connection between the outside play area by the Salzach, the city-influenced front area, and the sports hall. Its exceptional shape along with the unusual materials of the walls and roof – i.e., its stainless steel skin – all lead to establishing the unique identity of the children’s school.

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Hallein (AT)
gfa 4.050m² construction volume 15.000m³
Salzburg Wohnbau
1st Prize 2003
2004 - 2005
2008 - Contractworld.award 2008 - Shortlist - SPZ Hallein
2006 - Mies van der Rohe Award - Nominierung - SPZ Hallein
2006 - Landesarchitekturpreis Salzburg - SPZ Hallein