New Building Replacement of the German Sport University Cologne 


BRIEF The new building replacement of a laboratory equipped with a medical and research facility for the natural sciences for the DSHS Cologne located on the northeastern edge of the campus, next to the Sportpark Müngersdorf, in the immediate vicinity of the central institution building.| ADDED VALUE   Characterized by the canopy of leaves from the surrounding trees, a weather-protected plaza is additionally created through the geometry of the building. Not only an entrance way to the newly constructed building, but also it functions as a space for communication on the campus of the sport university. 

NEW BUILDING REPLACEMENT OF THE GERMAN SPORT UNIVERSITY, COLOGNE | GERMANY The design is developed out of a particularly urban context. Modeled after the geometry of the historic wall and the velodrome as well as the vertical volumes of the student residencies, a rather simple yet exciting building is created with the potential of becoming an unpretentious symbol. The building is twisted in itself over its three stories and  thereby opens up the space along the road. An expanded plaza-situation is created, confining the plaza’s edge with the surrounding trees. Referencing the treetops, the last two stories create a cantilever completing the upper area of the public space. The façade consists of vertical aluminum slats reflecting the greenery of the surroundings, lending the façade the illusion of a pleasant depth of field.

Cologne (DE)
gfa 16.090m² construction volume 72.250m³
1st Prize 2009
2013 - 2018
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