Senior Citizens Residence Altenmarkt 


SENIOR CITIZENS RESIDENCE ALTENMARKT | AUSTRIA The structure of the senior citizens residence and the social center is in line with the east-west axis that divides the site into two outdoor facilities with different spatial qualities. The public area that rises between the buildings forms an urban crossing for the senior citizens with the town citizens. The private garden (the “hortus conclusos”) provides the senior citizens with a variety of outdoor activities and, if necessary, constant supervision by the nursing staff. Relaxing under the fruit trees, taking walks, or caring for the flower beds are just some of the possibilities. The pivotal point of the interior is its multifunctional foyer (reception, dining room, event area, etc.) which is seamlessly annexed to the public space. Earthy and warm tones characterize the atmosphere and are also used as orientation aids within the building. Skylights and large windows admit light and air into the building.

GFA 6.880 m² VOLUME 22.840 m³
Gemeindeverband Seniorenheim Altenmarkt
1st Prize 2005
2005 - 2007
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