Royal Hamilius Luxembourg 


BRIEF Ensemble in Luxembourg city centre for retail purposes, a department store, office and residential use. ADDED VALUE While the levels used for shops on the lower floors are carefully adapted to the circumstances of the urban space and respond to its requirements, the upper storeys with their vertical gardens are a “green crown of the city”, a prestigious and sustainable emblem of the urban environment. 

ROYAL HAMILIUS LUXEMBOURG | LUXEMBOURG The site for the new Royal Hamilius complex is an important location in the inner city of Luxembourg in a web of various traffic arteries and at the interface of the historic old quarter to the east and the “new town” to the west. The relatively large built volume is surrounded by exterior spaces, especially at city level, and perforated by public arcades which are full of life around the clock. Two brightly lit two- to three-storey arcade spaces, which are open 24 hours a day, connect to the shopping streets and harbour the sheltered main entrances of the department store. The façades to the street are glazed from floor to ceiling as an invitation to passers-by to enter the shops that lie behind them. The upper floors are dedicated to residential and office use. Taking their cue from the stepped roof surfaces of the neighbouring buildings, the roofs are concealed behind a light-permeable, greened screen of vertical steel blades. As the “green crown of the city” this element will lend an identity to the urban space.

Luxembourg (LU)
gfa 33.463m²
Stadt Luxemburg
2nd Prize 2010