Padua Auditorium Padua 


BRIEF The Auditorium consisting of a great hall and chamber hall; integration of two landmark buildings; Pollini Conservatory ADDED VALUE The Padua Municipal Park is extended over the Piovego Canal into the competition lot as a “Culture Park.” The auditorium, the existing buildings, and the Pollini Conservatory become parts of this culture park. The riverside promenade is extended into the building foyer, open to the public all day, with restaurants, shops and event spaces where exhibitions, performances, and formal banquets can take place under an artificial leaf-like canopy.

PADUA AUDITORIUM + CONSERVATORY, PADUA | ITALY The concert hall should be a public building dedicated to music and public gatherings, open to all. Consequently, the function of the municipal park is linked conceptually and formally to the new building: at the intersection of the park, city, and riverside promenade, the free-form shaped roof becomes the linking element between the foyer, the concert halls, and the existing landmark building parts. Like trees that form a leafy roof in a natural park, so too does the concert hall’s perforated roof, which creates a playful game of light and shadow, characterizing the interior foyer atmosphere. To avoid any obstructions to the “parco della cultura” the concert halls are raised. The small concert hall spatially frames the foyer and marks the main entrance located on one side of the street. The larger concert hall, resembling a blossom, is located above the roof, becoming a prominent sign of its soft contours.

Padua (IT)
gfa 16.000m² construction volume 181.800m³
Comune di Padua
1st Prize 2007
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  • 19.05.2007

    Padua bei Nacht

    Padua bei Nacht
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    Screenshot des fliegenden Daches

    Screenshot des fliegenden Daches
  • 04.05.2007

    Screenshot des fliegenden Daches

    Screenshot des fliegenden Daches
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