Nizzaallee Aachen 


BRIEF  The modification of a former Carmelite monastery into 10 apartments suitable for the elderly. New construction of an additional 35 apartments suitable for the elderly in the former monastery garden.  |  ADDED VALUE The most striking feature of the former monastery is its large garden, measuring 2400m². The trees worth preserving provide all of the apartments with the original atmosphere of the monastery garden.

 NIZZAALLEE, AACHEN  | GERMANY  While the church of the existing monastery building will still be used for religious services, the rest of the existing building will consist of two full floor of apartments suitable for the elderly. More apartment buildings will be constructed in the former monastery garden which is surrounded by a five-meter high wall: two of the three new buildings are nested against the adjacent existing building. The third building stands freely inside the garden. All new buildings pick up on the scale and roof shapes of the villas in the neighborhood. The monastery wall will be preserved and renovated, and selective openings will be constructed in the wall in order to facilitate access to all the apartments through the garden. As all the trees are seen as adding value and immense quality to the garden, they are preserved giving the complex its particular charm in the near future.

Aachen (DE)
27 dwelling units, 30 student apartments
Petruswerk katholischer Wohnungsbau und Siedlungsgesellschaft GmbH
vertreten durch AVILA Management&Consulting AG
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