NEW-Blauhaus Mönchengladbach 


BRIEF New building of a modern energy-efficient center on the campus of the Niederrhein University in Mönchengladbach | ADDED VALUE The resource-saving, energy-producing photovoltaics become a sculptural element to create the building’s unique facade.

NEW BLAUHAUS, MÖNCHENGLADBACH | GERMANY The project is a cooperation between the Niederrheim University and the energy and water suppliers NEW. The new building serves to present innovative developments coming out of the energy sector and gives a home to additional rooms for energy advisory services and likewise the new student service center and the university library. The five-corner body of the building is characterized, among other things, through its facade of shimmering, sloped blue photovoltaic and glass elements that allow for resource-saving energy production. The cantilever extension (or overhang) of the top floor gives the glassed entryway its distinctive identity. The sustainable energy approach (a “zero energy” building) continues in the interior where, among other things, an existent energy-center (combined heat and power plant, a gas-condensing boiler, heat pump and ice storage tank) guarantees an energy supply using state-of-the-art technology. Two thirds of the ca. 3500 m2 usable floor space will be used by the university and library, and one third by NEW for energy advisory services.

Generalübernehmer: A.Frauenrath BauConcept GmbH

Nutzer: Hochschule Niederrhein und NEW
Mönchengladbach (DE)
gfa 5.800m² construction volume 20.995m³
NEW mobil & aktiv Mönchengladbach GmbH
1st Prize 2013
2014 - 2015
2017 - German Design Award 2017 - Special Mention - NEW Blauhaus
2016 - Deutscher Solarpreis 2016 - Plakettenpreisträger - NEW Blauhaus
2017 - Auszeichnung guter Bauten 2017 des BDA Linker Niederrhein - Auszeichnung - NEW Blauhaus
2018 - lnnovationsAward für bauwerkintegrierte Photovoltaik 2018 - Sonderpreis für Fassadengestaltung - NEW Blauhaus