Neubau Zollverein Essen 


BRIEF Administrative headquarters for RAG-Stiftung and RAG Aktiengesellschaft at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein in Essen | ADDED VALUE The multi-purpose roof landscape compensates for the ground area occupied by the development and offers a valuable space with an identity of its own at the intersection between the industrial cultural and natural landscape. 

A HOUSE FOR TWO | ZOLLVEREIN, ESSEN | GERMANY The new administrative headquarters of RAG-Stiftung and RAG AG is located at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein in Essen. Positioned to the west of the iconic mining tower and opposite the impressive former coking plant, the new build closes the corner of the grounds at the transition to the bordering forest. 
The L-shaped building adopts the boundaries of the corner plot and forms a landmark on the square “Weißer Platz” from where a broad set of stairs continues the natural landscape and leads up to the roof garden. Employees can use the raised exterior zone with paths, small terraces, a variety of seating areas and plants in numerous ways while enjoying the fresh air and views of the natural landscape and the former mining grounds. The two office complexes are arranged around two planted courtyards and accessed via a circular corridor. The offices of RAG-Stiftung and RAG AG are accommodated in the north and east wings, whereas the communal facilities, such as the canteen, the conference and plant rooms, are incorporated in the central link. The new build is developed according to innovative sustainability standards following cradle-to-cradle principles and is striving to obtain a DGNB certificate with the highest Platinum rating.

Essen (DE)
BGF ca. 9400 m² BRI 38.700 m³
2016 - 2018