LWL Clinic Dortmund 

A new hospital and kitchen are being built on the grounds of the former Aplerbeck Hospital just off the main axis of the LWL hospital. The new hospital building is arranged like a four-leaf clover with a central body and four adjoining elements. This layout produces two large courtyards in the south and north of the complex, which are used to accommodate the main entrance, the emergency access route for ambulances as well as a delivery zone for supplies. The surgeries are positioned in the central part of the building and are thus accessible to all patients. The four surrounding elements, with three identical storeys and a central courtyard each, accommodate the wards. The respective rooms, including a lounge area and kitchen as well as all the single and double rooms for patients, are arranged around the courtyard, which provides daylight as well as a sense of direction. Each room has its own disability-friendly bathroom, with a washbasin, toilet, shower and a large window offering a view out into the hospital garden.
Dortmund (DE)
GFA 17.985m² GV 65.770m³
Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe | LWL-Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb
Competition /VOF-Verfahren:
3rd Prize /2012 Atelier Thomas Pucher ZT GMBH VOF-Verfahren 1st Prize 2012 Atelier Thomas Pucher with kadawittfeldarchitektur
2014 - 2016
2017 - Auszeichnung guter Bauten BDA Dortmund 2017 - Auszeichnung - LWL Küchenhaus


  • 28.06.2016

    LWL Küche | Mock-up Holztrennwand

    LWL Küche | Mock-up Holztrennwand
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  • 21.04.2016

    LWL Klinik und Küchenhaus

    LWL Klinik und Küchenhaus
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