LVR Building at Ottoplatz Cologne 

BRIEF New office and administration building with an underground car park for the Rhineland Landscape Association (Landschaftsverband Rheinland, LVR) at Ottoplatz in Cologne Deutz | ADDED VALUE The narrow square alongside the new build is transformed into an urban centre, which accommodates the representative forecourt of the Rhineland Landscape Association and continues into the building as a semi-public space.

NEW LVR BUILDING AT OTTOPLATZ, COLOGNE | GERMANY The striking complex, consisting of a 17-storey highrise and an assortment of five to six-storey adjoining elements, accommodates around 1000 workplaces. The volume and shape of the varied new build blends into the immediate surroundings and, thanks to the generous forecourt, stands clear of the listed station building Deutzer Bahnhof on the opposite side of the square. The tallest part of the complex, vis-à-vis the Triangle Tower next door, protrudes at the western end of the station building creating a pleasant boundary to the square. With a range of catering facilities on the ground floor, the building opens out onto Ottoplatz and thus encourages the development of an urban centre. The spacious foyer is located at the interface between the surrounding low-rise buildings and the tower, which offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. A passage suffused with daylight runs parallel to the square from west to east rising gently with a full-depth stairway that incorporates seating areas and ends in an atrium at first floor level. This central space provides access to all public areas, such as the conference and seminar rooms, exhibition zones, the reception and a cafeteria. The adjoining southernmost complex with offices that are set around a planted courtyard is also accessed from the central atrium.
Cologne (DE)