Lidl-Campus Bad Wimpfen Bad Wimpfen 


BRIEF New build for the Lidl headquarters with 1500 workplaces | ADDED VALUE The symbiotic relationship between landscape and building divides the structural volume into tolerable components and gives the new office building an identity of its own.  

LIDL GERMANY HEADQUARTERS, BAD WIMPFEN | GERMANY The new German headquarters of the discount supermarket chain Lidl is being developed in Baden-Wuerttemberg’s spa town Bad Wimpfen. Due to the natural organic approach, the design responds to the location between orchards and vernacular buildings on the outskirts of town. The large volume has been separated into a terraced complex with five acceptable sized houses with planted roofs, gardens and courtyards that allow the surrounding landscape to meander through the complex. As a distributor and shared space, the boulevard level connects the different departments accommodated in the individual houses with a variety of functions, such as the reception area, conference rooms, canteen, training and sports facilities. The flexible office floors, that provide space for around 1500 employees, connect to the surrounding landscape and offer a variety of open and individually designed communication zones.

Bad Wimpfen (DE)
BGF ca 134.800m²
Lidl Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG, vertreten durch die Schwarz Immobilien Service - Bau
Mehrfachbeauftragung als kooperatives Verfahren