Concert Hall Riga 


BRIEF Concert hall with two great halls, with 1300 and 350 seats, located on a peninsula across from Riga’s Old Town. ADDED VALUE Opposite Riga’s Old Town, the concert hall foyer is a continuation of the landcape, situated on a green peninsula, a flowing border between inner- and outer-space. The terraced levels are embedded into the typography of the damm and enliven the space underneath the over-extended roof. After the concert, the hall opens up onto the city, transforming the foyers into stages using the silhoutte of the old city as the backdrop; the audience, in turn, become actors on a stage.

RIGA CONCERT HALL, RIGA | LATVIA The new Riga Concert Hall is located opposite the historical city center with an intervisibility from the Latvieðu strçlnieku Laukums Square across the Daugava River. The design emphasizes the unique historical skyline. The new building is connected with the riverbank promenade by a pedestrian bridge. It becomes the new cultural highlight of the “extended” city. The building itself is conceived as a dialectic of inside and outside, with the inside sophisticatedly reacting to the location between the river, the embankment, and laguna. The outer shell is designed as a consistently shaped amorphous volume. The overreaching roof grows from the main volume, acting as a canopy also for the minor hall on the side of the building. The concert hall becomes an urban sculpture on the Riga waterfront and a new icon of Latvia’s metropolis.

Riga (LV)
gfa 22.000m² construction volume 114.000m³
Finalist 2006
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