Children’s day care centre Campus-Riedberg Frankfurt am Main 


BRIEF Children’s day care centre for 9 age-mixed groups on the campus at Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt Riedberg ADDED VALUE The extraordinary structure and continuous protective band create, similar to a secret garden, nooks to hide in, paths to wander along and places to retreat. These give the children a variety of opportunities and a sense of security at the same time as providing the building with an identity of its own.

CHILDREN'S DAY CARE CENTER CAMPUS-RIEDBERG, FRANKFURT A.M. | GERMANY The two-storey building is on the periphery of the busy university grounds and defined by its own “mini campus”. It is, as a concentrated cosmos, the polar opposite of the large-scale environment offering the children varied opportunities for their individual needs. The group rooms on the ground floor are like fingers in the way that they stretch out into the surrounding space. The intimate courtyards that are formed by the protrusions function as partially covered outdoor play areas. The open play area on the roof terrace, which is accessible from the upper storey rooms, looks out onto the lush green of the surroundings. A screen is wrapped around the separate structural elements and exterior space enveloping the day care centre like a protective shield. In addition to protection and privacy, the exterior facade screen also gives the building an identity that the children can relate to. A protected forecourt receives the users of the building and visitors and draws them into the spacious entrance hall, which is continued in the interior as a play street. It is, in fact, the main artery of the building – a broad, pleasant area suitable for all sorts of activities connecting the two storeys and adjoining rooms.

Frankfurt am Main (DE)
GFA 1860 m²
Hessisches Baumanagement Regional-Niederlassung Rhein-Main und die Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
1st Prize 2010
2010 - 2015
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