Kindergarten Sighartstein 


BRIEF A kindergarten integrated into the landscape like a chameleon (including a crèche) for 4 groups | ADDED VALUE Genius Loci – the first impression of this place in the midst of green meadows and fields leads to the concept of the built playground. The elevated and abstractly stylized “grass” facade of the cubic building brings a certain harmony to the volume as well as an identity and orientation for the kindergarten.

KINDERGARTEN SIGHARTSTEIN | AUSTRIA The inner organization of the two- storey building follows the logic of use: On the ground floor, one finds the space for the kindergarten groups - with direct access to the garden while the crèche groups are kept safe in the floor above. The group rooms are lined up along the south side with direct access to the terrace. To the east are additional rooms such as the personnel area, administration, quiet room and mess hall. The mid-point and core of the building is the multifunctional “interactions space” -  a public communication area located at the intersection between functions. The multi-functional hall is a communicative center for children and caretakers, used as a junction for various functions: a space for shared activities and an alternative space for bad-weather activities.

Sighartstein (AT)
gfa 1.001m² construction volume 3.665m³
Stadtgemeinde Neumarkt am Wallersee
1st Prize 2003
2008 - 2009
2009 - Intern. Architecture Awards 2010 The Chicago Athenaeum - Anerkennung - Kindergarten Sighartstein
2009 - Europäischer FarbDesignPreis 2008-2009 - 2.Platz - Kindergarten Sighartstein
2009 - AR Emerging Architecture Awards 2009 - Anerkennung - Kindergarten Sighartstein
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