Jobcenter Aachen 


BRIEF New job centre for the metropolitan region Aachen and commercial building on Krefelder Straße in Aachen | ADDED VALUE As a prelude for the planned ʻQuartier Nordʼ, the new build gives a first impression of the location’s long-term development and transformation into a high-quality district for business, trade and commerce.

JOB CENTRE FOR THE METROPOLITAN REGION AACHEN | GERMANY The ensemble of buildings is in a prominent position on Krefelder Straße in immediate vicinity of the CHIO grounds and the Tivoli football stadium. Two distinct squares are created at the main entrances of the job centre and office building on Krefelder Straße and Gut-Dämmestraße. From the outside, the job centre is a simple and clear-cut building. The broadened loggias and corridors are clearly visible in the facade and lend a distinctive character to the otherwise modest appearance. The large protruding openings with the coloured reveals structure the unitised building envelope and give it a certain rhythm.  
The public facilities, such as the entrance lobby, the job information centre, the customer centre and several meeting rooms, are located on the fully glazed ground floor. The four upper storeys can be accessed via the central staircases. The ring-shaped layout with a central courtyard is efficient in terms of structure, orientation and flexibility. The corridors are widened at the ends forming small loggias and communicative lounge areas. Together with the pleasant, green atrium courtyard, these spaces let light and air into the interior and provide a place to step out of the building and take a break.

Aachen (DE)
GFA 12,000 m² GIV 42,800 m³
Projektgesellschaft Krefelder Straße GmbH
Feasibility study:
2013 - 2015
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