Inovum Salzburg 

BRIEF New office and hotel building with two levels below and five levels above ground including an underground car park | ADDED VALUE The distinct shape with ring-shaped upper levels that appear to float in mid-air makes for a memorable sight from the motorway.

INOVUM, SALZBURG | AUSTRIA With its numerous communication and presentation zones, Inovum is designed as a meeting place for manufacturers, designers, architects and other young creatives. The new build is conceived as a ring-shaped volume which appears to float above a base due to the fully glazed terrace level. The two-storey base protrudes from the ground and the dynamics of the surrounding road network forming an abstract landscape with skewed walls. The ground floor, the upper level in the base, incorporates the main entrance and a reception area as well as rentable office and exhibition space which is arranged around a large atrium. The light well forms a connection to the open plan floor below and allows daylight to penetrate into the space designated for the presentation of products, services and ideas. The terrace level that is set back above the base is used as a distributor for staff, hotel guests and visitors. Apart from the hotel reception area, it also includes catering facilities, seminar rooms and covered terrace areas. The three raised upper levels, of which the floor plan is shaped like a rounded rhombus with a planted courtyard at its centre, accommodate a total of 15 office units and 120 hotel rooms.
Salzburg (AT)
gfa 34.000 m² giv 135.000 m³
INOVUM Design GmbH
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