Hermes Softlab Headquarters Ljubljana 


BRIEF An office building, oriented towards the landscape, for 600 employees | ADDED VALUE Situated in the nondescript periphery of Ljubljana, the building reacts to the smaller heterogeneous buildings in the area with a giant leap in scale, thus, forming its own context. The building becomes a microcosm of a city, providing a multitude of urban activities for its “tennants.” The access corridor is transformed into a boulevard, intersected by three atria. Each of these atria conveys its own spatial feeling – the atmosphere is charged, respectively, as a city, forest, and sea. 

HERMES SOFTLAB, LJUBLJANA | SLOVENIA With the new headquarters in Ljubljana, Hermes SoftLab adds a new landmark to the map of Europe. Elevated from the ground, it evokes a notion of lightness, and the softly sloped ceiling establishes a clearly pronounced entryway. The project combines an atrium- and a comb-structure for improved orientation and maximized flexibility with a high quality of space. Three atriums offer-up various atmospheres: one as an “urban plaza” (a representative entrance and foyer), the other as a “green court,” and the third as an “indoor water-scape.” The façade is an abstract image of a network board: that is, the outside of the building conveys the inside of the company and the inside represents an interface of the computer world in the landscape.

Ljubljana (SL)
gfa 23.300m² construction volume 82.800m³
Kommunaproject Maribor
1st Prize 2006