School at Mittersill Mittersill 


BRIEF Renovation and extension of the school, consisting of a secondary school (up to 10th grade) and a federal school, construction of a three-court gymnasium. Independent functioning of both school systems, reinforcement of more interactivity. | ADDED VALUE Both school systems are connected by a common hall. This “hall for everyone” is the heart of the school: it is the entryway and enables access to the gymnasium and festival hall and functions also as a place for recess. Furthermore, the school area is open to the public, and, hence, integrated into urban life.

SCHOOL AT MITTERSILL, MITTERSILL | AUSTRIA The secondary school and the grammar school are developed as independent parts of the building with separate entrances, but are arranged around the central hall. The hall functions as an interface connecting the two schools but also containing the shared facilities. The new construction of the grammar school takes up the existing structure. The façade construction differentiates between old and new, while likewise creating something “totally new”: while the window alignments of the new building are precisely defined, the profile-glass shell discreetly covers the outside of the old building but so that one can still see its structure underneath. Ideally, every classroom faces either east or west. The gymnasium, completely encased in glass with its imprinted façade, appears to be an artificial object in the landscape. The differentiated exterior forms organizes the school courtyard into four activity zones: the meadow, the exercise zone, the quiet game-playing zone, and the loggia.

Mittersill (AT)
gfa 11.600m² construction volume 48.250m³
Salzburg Wohnbau
1st Prize 2002
2004 - 2006
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