Hauptbahnhof Münster Ost Münster 


BRIEF New build and upgrade of the forecourt on the east side of Münster Main Station | ADDED VALUE The new entrance to the station at Bremerplatz creates a link between the two parts of the city either side of the railway tracks and thus is an important milestone in the development of the Hansaviertel, the harbour area and the old town.
MÜNSTER MAIN STATION EAST SIDE, MÜNSTER | GERMANY  The new entrance to the station, which is being developed on the east side of the railway tracks during the course of comprehensive modernisation work, is giving the Hansaviertel in Münster a new look. The previously plain urban space at Bremer Platz is being reorganised and shaped by the new development, which includes a fully glazed ground floor zone, a protruding, planted roof with three large blocks set out on top. The slightly curved roof adopts the arced shape of the buildings on the opposite side of the square. It covers the generous areas at ground floor level and draws the public space into the depths of the building to two large doorways, which provide access to the platforms. The three-storey bicycle parking area and the public underground car park as well as space for a variety of shops, supermarkets and the station’s waste collection centre are also accessed from the roof-covered area. Three independent blocks with residential units and a hotel are arranged on top of the canopy roof and surrounded by planted zones.

Münster (DE)
BGF 29.500 m²
Projektentwickler: Landmarken AG
2018 - 2020
2018 - polis Award 2018 - Gold - Hauptbahnhof Münster Ost
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  • 30.01.2018

    Haupbahnhof Münster Ost im 1:1

    Haupbahnhof Münster Ost im 1:1

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