Ginzkeyplatz Salzburg 

BRIEF New residential and commercial complex at Ginzkeyplatz | ADDED VALUE The arrangement of the two functions in a two-storey base (commercial) and the superimposed blocks (residential) leads to the creation of a semi-public square, which encourages occupants to linger and communicate.

APARTMENTS AT GINZKEYPLATZ, SALZBURG | AUSTRIA The very heterogeneous site called ‘Alte Schranne’ at Ginzkeyplatz in Salzburg is complemented by the addition of a three-piece structure, which succeeds to incorporate  the new and varied uses in the urban environment. The public timber deck responds to the neighbourhood in a compartmentalised way providing a network of paths and planted zones, as well as a connection between the structural volumes. Moreover, it functions as a roof for the commercial and service areas at ground floor level and forms the landscaped base for the three apartment blocks up above. The structural volumes pick up the lines and boundaries of the surrounding buildings and squares and incorporate them in the arrangement of structures positioned on the deck. Two broad stairways lead up to the raised platform and provide good access to the communal space. The central deck, with a playground, several covered areas and a tartan track, encourages communication among neighbours. Private gardens are available for all residents living in ground floor apartments.
Salzburg (AT)
BGF 16.740m² BRI 65.490m³
Salzburger Siedlungswerk Gemeinnützige Wohnungswirtschaftsgesellschaft m.b.H
SCG Liegenschaftsverwaltungs GmbH
1. Preis 2009
2014 - 2015
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