Technical College and Campus Salzburg-Urstein 


BRIEF Technical University, student residence hall, and research park embedded within the context of a landscape. | ADDED VALUE The preservation of the idyllic fruit tree meadows and the maximization of the view onto a fantastic alpine panoramic landscape define the design. The Techinical University and the residential facilities are organized compactly and occupy only 14% of the lot. The student residence building works simultaneously as a noise barrier to the train tracks, providing a peaceful atmosphere on campus. The landscape platforms of the research park are embedded into the topography, whose green roofs provide a continuation of the meadow landscape.

COLLEGE AND RESEARCH PARK, SALZBURG-URSTEIN | AUSTRIA Near Salzburg and the historical Castle Urstein, over the course of several years, three building blocks will be realized; each of which takes the landscape setting into consideration individually.
The core of the campus ensemble is comprised of a densely organized technical college; its forecourt creates common ground for the surrounding buildings, hence taking on a significant function. The transparent glazed auditorium on the ground floor and the generous glazed foyer optically allows the landscape into the building. The student residence marks out the campus boundary with the bends and turns of the contour lines. The 324 student apartments offer the residents a gorgeous view onto the park, which has been adopted by the students as a leisure and recreation space. The green roofs cover the building of the “research park,” grouped around a common plaza. The plaza is connected to the technical college’s forecourt by bridge and creates an urban environment within the green landscape.

Salzburg-Urstein (AT)
gfa 30.800m² construction volume 107.500m³
HÖ Heimat Österreich
1st Prize 2002
2003 - 2005
2005 - Landesenergiepreis Salzburg - Campus Urstein
2008 - Prime Property Award 2008 - Shortlist - Fachhochschule und Campus Salzburg-Urstein
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