Center for European Culture Aachen 


BRIEF A building for exhibitions, educational and learning facilites concerning the history, present and future of Europe, located on a historical square between the cathedral and town hall | ADDED VALUE The foyer is articulated as a continuation of the public urban space within the building’s cubical structure. Accessible from various sides, mediating between different city milieux. The opening in the building interior appropriates the network of the city context annd enables flexible space allocations and variable usages. 

CENTER FOR EUROPEAN CULTURE, AACHEN | GERMANY The Culture Center embeds itself into the sequence of existing buildings around the Katschhof Square, without interrupting the field of tension between the cathedral and the historic town hall. The different street levels of the marketplace and the Katschhof are brought into the building, forming its foyer and main access. The building hosts exhibition and event spaces, seminar and lecture rooms as well as a café and shop that are open to the public. Various walkabouts within the building allow the visitor to explore the flexible and versatile exhibition spaces. The basic shape of the cubic main volume is distorted as a reaction to the environment. An envelope of aluminium panels covers the building. The facade is conceived to allow different levels of permeability while thematically connecting the different levels inside the building. The press-cut pattern of the facade panels displays historical European themes.

Aachen (DE)
gfa 7.400 m² construction volume 30.350 m³
Stadt Aachen
2st Prize 2008