Der neue DFB Frankfurt am Main 


BRIEF New build for the DFB Academy that serves as a haven of knowledge with training facilities, a service centre, creative workshops, a meeting place, accommodation and training camp grounds for key players ADDED VALUE The sports fields and buildings are not separated but arranged along a main axis, which is designed as a communicative link within the academy. 

CONSTRCTUION OF THE NEW DFB WITH THE DFB ACADEMY FRANKFURT A.M. | GERMANY The football fields, sports facilities and new builds for the DFB with the DFB Academy are located on the former racecourse embedded in Frankfurt’s city forest. It is within this green surround, which functions as a natural boundary to the areas beyond, that the mixture of structural components, sports fields, densely wooded areas as well as small clearings and squares form a shared campus. The required space, including administrative areas, a media centre, depot and the academy, is arranged in several blocks that are all set below a single large roof structure. The individual sports fields are positioned around the outside. The north-south-oriented, covered sports boulevard connects all areas and, due to the fully glazed facades, makes it easier to find your way around. As a communicative link, it encourages informal meetings whilst watching the activities outdoors and connects the otherwise independent DFB centre and academy. 

Verzahnung von Haus und Landschaft
Frankfurt am Main (DE)
GFA 48,950 m² GIV 288,950 m³
Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V. (DFB)
2018 - 2021