CIO - Centrum für Integrierte Onkologie Cologne 

BRIEF Facade design for a new build on the Cologne University campus | ADDED VALUE The large-scale images applied to the building envelope have an impact on the spatial perception of passers-by and give the new build an unmistakeable character.

FACADE DESIGN CIO – CENTRE FOR INTEGRATED ONCOLOGY, COLOGNE | GERMANY The new build is located at the centre of the densely built university campus and can therefore not be perceived as a whole by passers-by. In order to nevertheless create a visual identity, two large format images adorn the new building’s facades. Each illustration is composed of several shades of a single colour and resembles a simplified canopy of leaves. The two primary colours, red and green, pick up hues from the surrounding environment.
Like in a so-called tabula scalata, the images are divided into vertical strips and applied to the different sides of full-height exterior louvers. The red image is visible on one louver surface, the green image on the other. The illustrations have been applied to the four facade surfaces in such a way that the building appears in a single hue when seen from opposite corners; the colour changes as you walk past. The metallic coating of the louvers reflects the surroundings. The effects of the changing colours and shimmering reflections are a memorable experience for passers-by.

Cologne (DE)
façade 6.600 m²
Uniklinik Köln unter finanzieller Beteiligung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
2016 - 2017