Pocketpark Office Building Aachen 


POCKETPARK OFFICE BUILDING, AACHEN | GERMANY The second constructed section of the building project links it to the block edge in an L-form and creates a plaza-wall for the newly created “pocket park.” The cubature of the building is a reaction to the various diagonal offsets of the different floors of the surrounding construction and the park area. The building is structured into four office levels, and a food court on the ground floor aligned with the outdoor terrace oriented towards the park. The proposed offices are flexible, and only the pillars and the building‘s core comprise the ground floor. Not only cubicles, but also combi-zones or an open-plan office space is possible.

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Aachen (DE)
gfa 5.800m² construction volume 20.500m³
AachenMünchener Versicherung AG vertreten durch Generali Deutschland Immobilien GmbH
1st Prize 2005
2008 - 2010