Archaeological Pavilion Elisengarten Aachen 

BRIEF   The housing in of the settlement structures from various historical eras discovered in the Elisen Garden functions as one of the five “archaeological windows” of the city of Aachen. ADDED VALUE   With conscious dissociation from the typical glass vitrines found within the urban context, a stainless steel construction encases the necessary glass enclosure. A public inter-zone is thus created, opening up to the surrounding gardens where one is invited to linger and contemplate the city’s history.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL PAVILION, ELISENGARTEN, AACHEN | GERMANY The uniqueness of the archaeological site in the Elisen Garden lies in its layers of different settlement structures from various eras of Aachen’s city history. This extraordinary layering is adopted in the shape of the pavilion’s shell:
The outside shell consists of two layers of diagonally overlapping stainless steel profiles. The interspace between this open shell and the actual glass housing of the archaeological site invites the visitor to wander off the park paths and discover the archaeological finds. As an architectural highlight, this “emotional” shell enhances the significance of the site. The construction of the pavilion envelops the particular requirements of building on the excavation field itself as well as the climatic demands of the site.
Aachen (DE)
gfa 160m²
Stadt Aachen
Multiple commissions:
1st Prize 2009
2012 - 2013
2014 - Preis des Deutschen Stahlbaues 2014 - Auszeichnung - Archäologische Vitrine
2014 - German Design Award - Winner - Archäologische Vitrine
2015 - Architekturpreis NRW - Auszeichnung - Archäologische Vitrine
2016 - BDA Architekturpreis Nike - Nominierung - Archäologische Vitrine