Residential ensemble at Marschiertor Aachen 

BRIEF New build of private and publicly funded housing on the site of the former school at Franzstraße in Aachen | ADDED VALUE The differentiated design of the site opens the formerly closed perimeter block development to the city centre and transforms the old school yard into an urban district with high-quality exterior space.

RESIDENTIAL ENSEMBLE AT MARSCHIERTOR, AACHEN | GERMANY The site with the sloped topography is set between the main station and the city centre. The design includes an ensemble of 3 to 5-storey residential buildings, which respond to the different heights of the neighbouring buildings and blend into the surroundings. Due to the polygonal contours, the new blocks not only create private gardens and lively squares with unmistakable character but also an openness to the adjoining urban space. The lively interplay of public and semi-public space as well as small private gardens results in an urban trail meandering through the buildings. By opening up the perimeter block development, the streets Franzstrasse, Karmeliterstrasse and Boxgraben are connected. The uniform facade design with red brick cladding wraps the three buildings in a single skin and, thus, gives the new estate a homogeneous appearance. In addition to the small private gardens, loggias, balconies and roof terraces with photovoltaic panels complement the apartments’ exterior space.
Aachen (DE)
BGF 9.500m² (ohne Kellerflächen und wohnungszugehörige Freiräume)
agp GmbH
1. Preis 2016/ 2017
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