February 17th, 2021
Urban Beeing

Sustainability, certifications, circular economy… All planning participants are well aware that the building industry is largely responsible for the consumption of resources and energy as well as the production of waste, and therefore plays a vital role in reaching climate targets.

The way there, though, is a struggle. For it is an extremely complex subject, involving many project participants, not all totally convinced, and numerous aspects have to be considered and weighed. Our long-term experience gained from planning and developing projects, such as the circular economy house at Zollverein and the LVR building at Ottoplatz in Cologne, confirms that it is worthwhile embarking on the journey. Moringa, a high-rise residential block, also has characteristics of a pilot project since it explores options and initiates developments on how the cradle-to-cradle principle could become suitable for mass use.

But we’re under no illusion; it’s a step-by-step process riddled with hurdles and pitfalls. We need patience and perseverance, dedicated protagonists, dogged determination and the right mix of idealism.