Grimmwelt Kassel 


BRIEF Museum for the presentation of the Grimm Brothers' works | ADDED VALUE  The draft looks at the unique historical and topographical position of the "flowing" green area and translates the experience of wandering into a building.

GRIMMWELT KASSEL | GERMANY Located in a picturesque garden on the slopes of a vineyard close to the Kassel inner city, the building blends in with the gently modelled park landscape. The new museum maintains the special atmosphere of the park, which is shaped by old stone steps, fragments of stone walls, pergolas, green patios and picturesque tree tops. It even reinforces them by itself interacting with the topography of the area as an accessible sculpture. Internal split-levels are created within this unique shape, which lends itself perfectly to the presentation of the exhibition and continues the fairy tale feeling of "meandering" through the park on the inside. The foyer runs through the building as a long, extended vertical room that not only provides orientation, but also stages exciting spatial views between the individual focus areas. The visitor experiences a place that creates nuances and dedicates itself to the complexity of German linguistics. The fragmental theme conveys the idea that there is plenty waiting to be discovered below the surface and that some things are forever withheld.

Kassel (DE)
gfa 6.000m² (roof area included) construction volume 24.400m³
Stadt Kassel
VOF Verfahren:
1st Prize 2012
2013 - 2014
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