Campus West Cologne 


BRIEF An office and residential building of 20.000 square metres in the Rheinauhafen (harbour) in Cologne on a site between the Weichserhof and Holzmarkt (B51 through road)  | ADDED VALUE  The  dynamic play of the façade is not merely a defining boundary to the city but thanks to its balconies also generates additional space that can be used by the offices – with a fantastic view of the Rheinauhafen and Cologne Cathedral.

CAMPUS WEST, COLOGNE | GERMANY  Campus West is situated in the Rheinauhafen in the southern quarter (Südstadt) of Cologne. The Rheinauhafen is a redeveloped harbour now used for residential and commercial purposes and by offices and service companies. The B51 road – here called Holzmarkt – follows a curving north-south course parallel to the Rhine, which makes the adjacent eastern boundary of the buildings slightly concave. The design takes the curve of Holzmarkt as its starting point for a dynamic urban boundary. The six stepped upper storeys of the office building follow in alternation the two dominant directions of the wide arc and thus transfer the parameters of the site into a varied three-dimensional play of architecture which combines clarity of design with an appearance that lends character.

Cologne (DE)
gfa 31.500m² construction volume 111.570m³
Cascade1 GmbH & Co. KG vertreten durch Bauwens Development GmbH & Co. KG und Revisco GmbH
1st Prize 2011
2012 - 2014
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  • 29.11.2012

    Glück gehabt!

    Beim Ausheben der Baugrube für Campus West ist eine kleine Fliegerbombe ans Tageslicht gekommen.

    posted from Jonas Kröber
  • 06.09.2012

    Baustelle Campus West

    Baustelle Campus West
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  • 06.07.2012

    Bauantrag Campus West abgegeben!

    Bauantrag Campus West abgegeben!
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