Bitzer Headquarters Sindelfingen 

BRIEF New office building at company headquarters | ADDED VALUE The office tower is embedded into the existing structural landscape and stands out as a representative landmark clearly visible from the motorway not far away.

BITZER HEADQUARTERS, SINDELFINGEN | GERMANY The world renowned specialist for refrigerant compressors Bitzer SE is developing a new office building in Sindelfingen close to Stuttgart. Both the position of the office tower immediately next to the existing buildings and the height totalling almost 70 metres are a clear sign that the company has accepted the site as its headquarters. The 17-storey building, which can be let in different sized units, with an adjoining annex and two underground car parking levels for approximately 340 cars accommodates 500 workplaces. The two-storey annex building, an arrangement of superior functions around a central courtyard, including a canteen, kitchen, exhibition and meeting rooms as well as a conference area, is positioned immediately next to the slender tower. The foyer, the hub of the new building, is located at the junction between the tower and annex. The design of the office tower is based on the idea of a vertical campus. The central element is a transparent, full-height zone, which rises from the forecourt and is characterised by a network of single and multi-storey communication zones. The vertical campus is not only a distinct feature in the facade, it also offers employees a differentiated arrangement of space for varied styles of communication in the interior.

Sindelfingen (DE)
GFA total 34.500m², GFA above-ground 20,000 m²
Bitzer Grundstücksverwaltungs GmbH
1st Prize 2014
2016 - 2018



  • 09.11.2017

    Bitzer Panorama

    super Blick aus der obersten Etage mit 2-geschossigem Luftraum :)

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  • 20.10.2017

    Bitzer: Stand der Baustelle Oktober 2017

    Bitzer: Stand der Baustelle Oktober 2017
    posted from Henning Drefke
  • 14.03.2017

    Frühlingszeit ist Fassadenzeit

    Frühlingszeit ist Fassadenzeit

    Das Bitzer-Headquarter kriegt ein Gewand - die Musterfassade steht!

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  • 22.09.2016

    Jetzt muss ich nur noch wachsen

    Jetzt muss ich nur noch wachsen

    BITZER Modell vor Ort

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